March 25, 2011

spring break love

I have decided... Spring Break is my favorite. 
It is the prelude to Summer's song... a beautiful sampling of notes that lure me in and capture my heart.  The melody is bright and the sunshine that I crave singes my skin, but the harmony swings in below... a cool sweet breeze that blends with the heat of the sun and has me nearly swooning with glee. 

The measures are too brief to hold onto, calling my soul to soak up the right now... so I say yes instead of maybe.  We plant. We build castles. We tease and laugh and live.  After days pass on without names, the weekend sneaks upon us, marking time... forcing me to know that there are only three more days.  But three more days?  I choose to see the beautiful possibilities, instead of the waning notes.  And with my pencil, I scribble a fermata over the weekend and whisper to the conductor... hold it out for as many beats as you like.


Gabe said...

Love that first picture..wish I were there!

We had snow this week...:(

Enjoy your three days!

Mamasita said...

I want to feel that sand between my toes!!! It looks oh so glorious!
Happy Spring Break Friend - hope it has been relaxing and you've had the chance to let the sun warm your soul :-)
Blessings to you... Is your son doing better?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awwwww.....enjoy every little minute! I LOVE the sand castle shot!

jenn said...

I know you will make each happy note count!! :-) Have a GREAT weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you love Spring Break.

I've heard way too many mommy complain about the week without school.

Have a great weekend Dawn.

Richella Parham said...

You scribble a fermata over the weekend. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. You make some beautiful music, girlfriend.

Michelle DeRusha said...

That sand castle-umbrella photo is priceless! That said...I just spent a coooooold spring break in Massachusetts -- I think spring break in Florida is a much better option! :)

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