March 02, 2011

treasure of the heart

Wednesday is junk mail day... but folded in the middle of flyers and ads and catalogs I will never order from, there was treasure.  Plucking the gold envelope out of the stack, I could tell it was real mail... and when I turned it over my fingers raced to tear open the flap.  But I stopped... and took just a moment to first hold it to my heart.  Her handwriting is precious to me.  It has always been the most beautiful writing... the handwriting I have always hoped might flow from my own pen.  But my squat loops are so different from her delicate, precise script.  I know I will save this card, and its envelope forever.  Because her writing is a part of her... my one in a long equation of grandparents.  And though she lives too many states away, she is never far from my heart.
We were lined up on the hard pew of the church, waiting for Cam's piano recital to begin... and my Mom leaned over to me and put a big envelope in my hands.  She smiled and told me she had finally decided on the perfect Christmas gift for my Gramma.  Intrigued, I reached inside... but before the sheets of paper were fully exposed, my curiosity turned to tears.  The kind of tears that overwhelm and humble.  There were pages of my own words tucked in that envelope... a subscription to your blog she said with a smile.  And while they might consider my words a gift... these two women are a gift to me.   Because while my heart pours out the words for me... those words somehow become more when someone else cares about them, when someone else feels them as deeply as I do. 

So Mom and Gramma... thank you.  Thank you for loving me and supporting me.  Thank you for being amazed by me, even though I might think that is just a little much.  I love you both!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! You are all so lucky to have one another.

Sharone said...

I love that feeling of real mail. So special. And isn't it amazing what one person's handwriting can evoke in your heart? It sounds like the way you feel about your Gramma's handwriting is the same way they feel about reading your blog. :)

dawn said...

aaaw...wonderful. all of it. there's lots of love in this post.

Wendy said...

What a lovely gift!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is just so sweet. I love that you got some important mail. IN the MAIL. I love that your Mom shares your lovely and sweet words with your Grandma....I am)sure she smiles each page.
And to make this comment about me. ;)
I recently came across some old mail from My G'ma....I treasure it. I have always LOVED her is much like your G'ma's (and again, nothing like mine!) Nothing beats seeing Gods handiwork...right before our eyes.

imoomie said...

Such a precious post...what love!

I absolutely love my mother's handwriting and keep every written thing she has ever sent me...I did wonder once a long, long time ago how it could be that Santas writing was so similiar.

jenn said...

such a treasure you have with your mom and grandma!!

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