March 13, 2011

sunday splashes

It has been the kind of weekend I'd like to make last forever... with weather you can't believe and everyone schedule-free.  It reminds me again and again that love lives here... and it makes getting through the junk of life easier.  More worth it. 

Friday night I was anxious to be outside... but I hate to always suggest the beach, knowing I am the only one who truly loves it.  After checking my coupons I called Eric aside for a private meeting... and we were all in the car, on our way, in ten minutes.  It was funny that neither Cam nor Laura even asked where we were headed... I suppose the days of an exciting mystery ride have long since passed!  But when we arrived, there were smiles, no crowds, fresh air, laughter... and more than one hole-in-one!

(perhaps a few shots did go into the drink though...)

Saturday we ended up sunburned.  I know better, and I remembered to think about the sunscreen, but forgot to actually bring it along.  So my feet burned, along with the rest of me, as we watched the St. Patrick's Day parade go by.  Two hours of bagpipes, leperchauns, Irish dancers and more!  Cam was really the only one who escaped the red of the burn, hidden under the brim of his hat. 

And today, with springing forward, we all hunkered in and some of us stayed in our pajamas past noon.  Normally we'd be rushing about getting ready for church and on the road by eight, but with a Sunday off from choir, and a little bit of a setback for Cam, we let the rushing slip on past.  There has been breakfast and crafting and cooking and... laundry.  But mixed in to all of it, there has been togetherness, something I don't take for granted. 

I'm hoping the fun of the weekend works it's magic on the upcoming week... happy Sunday!


Gayle said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend--except for the sunburn, of course. :-)

Gabe said...

sounds like we did alot of the same thing on Sunday. . .wasn't it nice??

Pam said...

Sounds like the most perfect, laid back weekend. I love it! : )

Hope your skin feels better soon. :(

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a fabulous STRESS FREE weekend for your family!!! So happy for you. So sad I missed the parade though!

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