March 17, 2011

(not-very) irish eyes are smiling

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I told you I would bring the cupcakes
I love a rainbow... in any form.  My friend Kathleen & I are always sharing some beautiful rainbow-y idea.  Pancakes, crayons, cupcakes... and so many more that just make us smile!  It took some doing, but I was thrilled with how these cupcakes turned out, and I think they will be a big hit tonight after dinner.  Yes, I said after.  We'll be sharing dinner with friends... and at their house they never eat dessert first! 

When Irish eyes are smiling, 'Tis like a morn in spring.
With a lilt of Irish laughter, You can hear the angels sing.
~Author Unknown

: :

How often do you simply stop and breathe His wonder into your soul?
The answers in my house would certainly vary… from hardly ever to at least eight times a day. You probably know without me even saying... that I would the be the eight. I can’t help myself...

Are you ready for our field trip? Join me over at Sharon's Hiking Toward Home for the rest of the story...


Busy Bee Suz said...

Are we supposed to have dessert first? I did not get the memo... Your rainbow cupcakes are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's day.

Mamasita said...

I simply ADORE the cupcakes! They look delic :-)
Happy St.Patty's Day!

Claire said...

these are wonderful!!

and of course, one has dessert first - life is uncertain, as the saying goes :)

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