March 01, 2011

{virtual coffee} 11

If you were meeting me here at my house for coffee this afternoon... you probably would have been waiting in the driveway for me.  It took me forever to get home from work!  I'm not sure there are cars left in any other state (and the other day I heard that there are no more rental cars available in this state!) and then it started pouring down rain.  You would have thought it was snow with all of the brake lights and half the speed limit!  But after a string of eleven perfect weather days... and some great ones leading up to them... perhaps the rain is as foreign to us as snow.   I finally did make it home, and the rain seems to have all but stopped.... so I think Camden will make it home from school without my help.  And if there are just a few raindrops. he will be thrilled to ride his bike through them.

So here we'd be... sipping warm delicious coffee.  I'd invite you into the kitchen while I finished up a dessert for tonight's band booster meeting.  I hope it'll be good... I never made it before!  But I found the recipe here, and I'm hoping no one will be injured in the stampede!  At tonight's meeting I am going to be brave... and put my name in for vice president for next year.  Being secretary was way out of my comfort zone... and this is far beyond even that.  But I think I can do it... I think I might even be good at it.  And next year both Laura & Cam will be in marching band.  I'm both excited and in a state of disbelief.  This will be it... our one overlapping year.  From the beginning we said we'd be very involved... because our family would be a part of it for seven years.

Oh HI Cam!  Yes, he made it home.  Just a little wet.  And if you were here, you'd smile, then he'd smile... and you would melt. 

This weekend he & Eric camped with the Boy Scout troop.  I did get to missing them... but Laura and I had some great time together.  We poked through the bookstore, shared a great conversation over dinner, and... spent two hours watching the waves and the birds. 
With books and beach chairs and shoes that slipped off in the sand... we sat and enjoyed the afternoon as it stretched into evening.  As the sun set, I stood in it's glow, just beyond ankle-deep in the waves... and a dolphin swam right on by under the sun.  And as the sun melted into the sea, and the water rushed around my feet... my heart couldn't help but worship.  It really was a beautiful weekend.

If you were really here, I might share a bit of my day with you.  My boss asked me to tag along with her when she went to pick up some art supply donations.  A husband had called us to empty his wife's craft closet, as she had passed away less than two months ago.  The closet was filled with treasure that will go to our recycle room, and then into the hands of public school art teachers.  But I ached for this man's heart... I could tell he was still shaken by her absence.  Their home was full of her... every wall, every surface... thousands of photos.  And I wondered... if he will stay there, or move on.  It made me think of my Grandma, too... and I am thankful to have a couple tangible memories to hold onto. 

Thanks for stopping by today... sharing coffee and conversation with a friend is one of my favorite ways to spend the afternoon.   If you need another cup... hop on over to Amy's Lucky Number 13.  there is always plenty of coffee to go around! 


dawn said...

OK, I SO wish I could sit at that beach with you watching the waves and reading and chillin'. Ohmy. That sounds so lovely. I'm sure you and Laura had a great time.

AND--go miss VP! Proud of you!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Mmm... I'm sure those art supplies will take on new life and continue to bring joy into hearts - and knowing that, her husband will be comforted.

Good luck tonight! You are a brave, brave woman :)

Richella Parham said...

I love having coffee with you. :)

Rain in Florida? Really? I guess you needed it, huh? But surely there's way more sunshine than rain.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to come to your house for coffee. Reading your blog always refreshes me. I'm sure that sitting with you in person would have the same effect.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I loved reading this...loved my cuppa coffee with you. (I hope it does not keep my awake tonight!)
I agree with you on the visitors/traffic...seems worse than ever. I suppose it is a godsend for our economy though.
Vice President? Oh my, you are a brave girl. I am so proud of you; you will do well. Do you get your own Jet??? I sure hope so....
Your weekend sounds delightful.
Your photos are amazing, you don't need a 'baby' take amazing photos already!

Mamasita said...

Can I just say that having coffee with you was wonderful?! :-) Thanks for coming over and checking me out too!
Did you nominate yourself for Vice President? You go girl!
I love your blog!!!
Blessings to you new friend :-)

Anonymous said...

Be brave! I'm so proud you're stepping outside the comfort zone. Thanks for the coffee.

~Rosanne said...

A book, beachchair and barefeet in the sand - watching the sunset - yup, I'm a tab bit jealous. =)

Thanks for the "coffee"

jenn said...

Sounds like a perfect day! great day to share with friends! how I wish I could dip my feet into that warm sand with you!

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