June 04, 2012

the answer

Dear God,
I could see her across the gym... and while I couldn't quite make out her smile at a distance, I could feel her beaming. This day of celebration, accomplishment and joy has hung in the balance... and there were days I wondered if we would all be here to see it together.  It wasn't a lack of faith, but a submission to your plan, whatever it might be. And you know, that any doubt I had, I buried with more prayer.

Last spring she shared her greatest wish and prayer... to see her son graduate. And we've been adding her prayer to ours ever since. Friday morning I woke up and knew.  I knew that I would be witness to Your glorious answer to our heartfelt, desperate prayer.  Thank you. With all of my heart, thank you.  It is humbling, I am awestruck and I am full of joy.  

ann, christine & me

And thank you, also, for a safe and beautiful graduation weekend. 
Your touches were all over it... in the sunshine, in the joy, in the laughter, in the precious moments shared with Laura.

Much love, and Amen.


Southern Gal said...

Praise to the Father for this wonderful witness of answered prayer.
It's so appropriate. Love you.

Pam said...

Amen..so thankful! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh...when I saw this photo last week, I had the same thoughts. ***thank you and Amen!***
Beautiful post...you are a wonderful friend.

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