June 27, 2012

unpacking treasure

I can't imagine it would be a shock to you that I still have clothes in suitcases, and totes are still overflowing in the piano room... you know, since, my graduation decorations are still adorning the rest of the house! But today... feeling housebound, I decided I needed to tackle... something. And something turned out to be... at least clearing out the suitcases.

But I am distracted easily... and when I came across a little plastic container, all progress halted. I shifted to my knees, and peeled back the cover. And then, one by one, I removed each section of paper-toweling that nestled my treasures.

I didn't walk the beach to find shells. I was simply seeking the sunrise, nudged from sleep just-in-time. It was a chance to be all by myself... and close to my Creator. It was a time to empty my soul of me... and a time to listen, and let Him in.

But there, along side my thoughts and my footprints, appeared treasure.  Every day. The sea urchin... seemed to just appear on the edge of the surf. Placed there, whole and beautiful. Truly a gift from the sea, or the One who makes the waves. But even the slivers of sand dollars made me smile... the imperfections that are so beautiful.  I was tempted to stash them all away, but soon, my hands were overflowing. And so... I slipped some back into the seafoam... in hopes that another seeker would find the beauty in the broken.



Southern Gal said...

Beauty in the broken. Yes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are treasures....and I would never have thought to take the broken ones. I've learned something today.
Thanks for that.
{{Healing hugs}}

Positively Alene said...

Oh my this is beautiful and your words Beauty is Broken struck my heart. Blessings to hop by today.

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