June 06, 2012

before her diploma

Our memories mold us, and move our hearts. 
And the good ones set standards and bars and traditions.

When I recall my own graduation day, I remember having lunch with my Mom... a fancy lunch. Or at least, it was a fancy place. Except that, alongside their sandwiches, they served chips... still in the bag. We laughed a lot that day... and I have laughed about those chips for years!
: :
Friday, Eric and I took our graduation-girl to lunch.
Someplace fancy-ish... someplace special.
A celebration of her and the day to come... a calm before the storm.

And it just so happens that Auntie works on property, so there were some very nice perks... like an early graduation hug, a little welling of emotion from Auntie's eyes, and a beautiful dessert surprise.
So we made a memory, of our own.
To celebrate her and all that is to come.
And someday we'll see if the tradition is carried on.
Maybe, maybe not... but Friday was beautiful and as perfect as I could imagine.



Tina said...

I would give her the world..... but that is her story to write. I am so glad I could be there with you. xoxox

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is a lovely tradition....I am sure it will continue on.
Love the photos...and um the dessert??? Oh yeah...lovely!

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