June 12, 2012

beautiful souls

Our lifetimes are made up of moments... pearls strung, squares stitched, photos laid out in a row. But to look over my shoulder and recall those moments, I see what really makes them matter. It is the people who are woven into them. The friendships and the love and the sharing of a million breaths.

Graduation week was full... of life and laughter, thankfulness and praise, friends and family. We were honored and blessed that so many we love celebrated with us... some even travelling far and wide to do it.  And as we gathered to laugh and eat and whoop with joy, people I love, from all times of our life, sat side by side.  In the crowd of guests, I tried to make introductions, putting faces with names, connecting shared stories with the people they were about. 

I was standing with my friend/cousin/Dallas-traveller, Pam, when I spotted Ann... and immediately pulled her in for an introduction. And when it was just us again, Pam asked if she was the one I often wrote about... and at my nodding, she smiled and said Oh I thought so... I could just feel that she was a beautiful soul. And not two days later, as Ann and I caught up and recapped the crazy beautiful weekend, the sentiment came 'round again. Ann, asking about Pam and how she fit into my story... and then an Ok! I remember! What a beautiful spirit she is! 

Oh yes, it is the people woven into this life that make it matter.

This week we are enjoying a blessing from another beautiful soul. We have only met heart to heart, the beauty of her soul seeping into words I read across the screen... stories, emails, secrets... sharing of prayers. I count her friend... one of the people who is woven to my story, making it shimmer. And to walk across the threshold of this gift, is to feel and see her beauty.  The little touches that are her... and the love that lives here. 



Southern Gal said...

You are so blessed, friend. I am blessed by knowing you. I hope the rain dissipates and the clouds part so you can enjoy the place with some sun.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so beautiful....see...YOU bring wonderful souls together all the time.

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