June 25, 2012

when the list is not-so-easy

I have committed myself to this post by typing the title, but I will have to dig.
Vacation dreams still dance in my heart and aross the screen of my computer... but the actual rest of vacation has long passed. And now? I'm in round... six (?) of healing (antibiotics+steroids.) Only... I'm not. But I know, that in this week or returning to reality, there are many gifts... under the laundry and the everyday...

- being welcomed back to work with squeals of joy! and being able to catch up a little bit
- a chat with a friend, far too long overdue!
- the care and concern he shows me... at my most unloveable.

- a release of tears and anger after a frustrating drs visit... i needed to let it out
- relaxation and truly being still
- unexpected laughter, on a ride i didn't really want to go on
- leaving the (boy scout) packing to the boys (i hope they have all they need, but if not, oh well!)
- pretend coffee in the round room

- being chauffered about by my daughter...
- and sharing some tea with her. charleston tea!
- someone who listens, and hears, and makes me feel sane again
- finding the bacon wallet!

Okay... so maybe it wasn't that hard... because He is in it all. Every breath. Wheezy or not!


Southern Gal said...

Oh, how I wish I were able to sit next to you with our cups of Charleston tea and give you a hug. I'm glad you cried and got it all out, but I'm sad you had to cry. Praying extra hard for your healing, Dawn.

Pam said...

I love the round room! : ) So pretty. But I am so sorry you're still having trouble. This has been going on way too long. *stamping foot and pouting for good measure* Hugs and prayers for a speedier recovery.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Finding the laughter where you least expect it? That is you.
Wishing you all the healing you need.

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