June 10, 2012

sunday, full of grace

Last week school was winding up... graduation complete, freshman year finshed (at last.) But there was one more occasion to celebrate... as our niece Chelsea graduated pre-school. It was a sweet celebration, and the end of an era. Laura was in Miss Julie's first pre-school class all those years ago... and Camden followed in her footsteps. And when Oakley & Chelsea were just the right ages, they took their turn learning through play and loving Miss Julie. It has been the tie that binds... in the most colorful fun way.

And the graduation brought us back... to memories we thought we had misplaced, to love that never ends, and the windows that I have loved.
The windows that were the first to teach me how light and color dance.


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Busy Bee Suz said...

And what a lovely era to have known. Love the photos....love the memories for your family.

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