January 25, 2019

the january days of florida...

We have been enjoying a long string of beautiful days. Blue skies, crisp air - the kind of days that beckon you out into the sunshine. Some days I'm content to be inside with the windows open, letting the breeze billow through, but other days find me needing an outdoor adventure - even for just a few hours.

So we've walked...
  we've zipped...

we've let our hair be tangled by the wind.
One day I even threw caution to the wind and walked the beach in my dress pants. 

And on Monday, after a two day organizing spree, we drove just a few miles north to the strawberry field...

...which led to the sunflower field.
I'm making the most of every beautiful day... the summer heat will be here before we know. it.

The sun will rise and set regardless. 

What we choose to do with the light while it's
here is up to us. Journey wisely.

-Alexandra Elle


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Southern Gal said...

Just lovely. The flora and the people.

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