September 14, 2008

black and white inspiration

When we first moved into our home, I was on the quest for the perfect bathroom accessories. After weeks of searching,I did fall in love with a few friendly dragonflies, fluttering around in lavender and blue- kid friendly, yet pretty. Now, years later, I have been wanting a change. Last summer, I re-painted the little bathroom, and added a new shower curtain, and the little dragonflies stayed. But I have been on a search... Laura & Cam have had their own suggestions, as it is the bathroom they use. Penguins. Ocean life. They like just about anything, but can't agree on one thing. And so we stick with those dragonflies. Last week, while out at Kohls, I found the inspiration I needed. Yes, this little guy would make all of us happy! He was part of an endangered animal theme... and I just happened to luck out that the hand towels were pandas, too... on light blue... which already matches the bathroom. Oh look, they even have shower curtain rings! That was when I slowed down... because yes, there were panda shower curtain rings... mixed in with monkeys and lions. How was I going to solve this without buying 3 sets? Looking for answers, my eyes landed on a 70% off sign. That was the sign I needed! I bought 3 sets of shower rings. The monkeys are spoken for, but if you know anyone who needs lions, let me know!


Busy Bee Suz said...

So cute. I always loved the lavender and dragonflies...but the Pandas are ADORABLE. SO YOU.
Do you leave your panda bag in there for an accent too?
We are redoing our bathroom. I don't think Lions will fit in, but I will put that out there.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Hey did you hear that we have a brand new baby Panda at Zoo Atlanta? It was just born about 2 weeks ago. A little boy Panda. They are so incredibly cute.

In a few months they'll put a "streaming webcam" up on the zoo's website so you can view the panda whenever you want (they did this a couple years ago when the last panda, Mei Lan, was born). And let me tell you that is some CUTE stuff, seeing baby pandas play!

Dawn said...

I've only seen the real life pandas at the National Zoo- we couildn't quite squeeze it in on our last trip to Atlanta... next time though!!

Hey Suz, the dragonflies are also up for grabs if you can't use the lions. I still love them, so it's not like I'm getting rid of them because they are icky :) just because I love the pandas more (sorry dragonflies...)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Here is a link to the "Panda Updates" and webcam at Zoo Atlanta (it says the PandaCam is now up... but I just clicked on it, and it's not...) Your kids will really like this. The cub will start getting really cute in a few months and it's VERY fun to watch! Plus they put regular updates on here. (The cub is only 8 ounces now and not much to look at... yet!) Here's the link:

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