September 04, 2008

something new

I am pretty unpolitical. I don't pretend to know much about any of it. I vote with my heart... and pray for God's will. But there are some things that you just have to fight for... In the midst of all kinds of school cuts, my brilliant friend Becky has brought a solution to the table. A referendum that can preserve our students extra curricular programs... for my purposes, marching band. Am I willing to fight for that? Yes. And so I find myself on her committee... campaigning for this referendum to pass. It is totally new to me... scary and exciting all at once. I loved marching band... when it was me on the field, and now that it is my daughter. I want this opportunity for my son... and for all of the other students that come along. My sister never had the opportunity to wear that marching band uniform in high school... by that time, the program had been cut from our high school. It is not all about the band... sports and academic programs as well... but for me... I will fight for the band.

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