September 21, 2008

time warp

I took Laura & three friends to the Revolve Tour in February... and was amazed at the clothing the girls were wearing on stage... leggings, blousy tops... big belts... I thought to myself (because it was just me & these three teens!) It's really happening, isn't it? I have even seen the legwarmers in the stores- yes, even here in Florida. The Eighties are desperately trying to crash 2008... and more and more, I think they are succeeding. A few year ago, Suz had a seventies party (and it was so much fun!)... but we all joked how fun it would be to do the Eighties. Today, it wouldn't even be a challenge. Nope! Because... Laura brought home her spirit week notice for Homecoming. The theme? Neon Dream. Yes... NEON. And all I can picture is chemistry class... and this one girl who always was decked out in neon green. Always. And for Amy & I, it will surely always be known as Kim Latorica Green. Hmmm... maybe we'll be okay... as long as the Eighties hair stays put back where it came from. And it should... using that much hairspray will make anything stick.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I noticed this too. We were shopping yesterday and the stores looked like my old closet.
I loved neon for a time too, right down to my socks. ;)
I still want to have that 80's party!

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