September 29, 2008

a silly surprise

One of the things I like best in life is to make someone smile... or laugh... or just feel loved. I have this great friend who makes me laugh... always. Sometimes with her humor, and sometimes with her need to have things... just so. Last year around this time, she was so excited that she cleaned her chair mat... you know, that thing your computer chair rolls around on? And so, because it was so shiny and clean, I gave her three little paper pumpkins to put under the mat as decoration. She thought I was as crazy as she... but they made her smile, and think of me. And so, this morning, I am picturing her smile, and imagining her laugh, as she finds the three silk autumn leaves that I shoved under her office door... and my heart will smile with her.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Cute. And Silly. Like you :)

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