September 11, 2008

i remember

It was a beautiful day... blue skies above us... Laura was tucked safely away in her second grade classroom... Cam was just settling in at pre-school. I was heading over to my sister's house when I heard the news about the first airplane, and I called her and told her to turn on the TV. I got there just about the time the second airplane hit. We just sat and stared... Charlie Gibson's voice trying to make sense of it all. I was able to get in touch with Eric, working in the 911 office. He didn't have any further insight. And so Tina and I just sat... and watched as the terror unfolded. And I remember thinking, this is the time... this is the time Eric will be called to duty through the reserves. Somehow I must have torn myself away from the TV, retrieved Cam from pre-school, and drove home... only to sit in front of the TV again- numb... and sad. Eric came home early from work- to pack. He was put on alert through the Coast Guard. At 5:30am, September 12th, he got the call to be in St.Pete by noon- from there no one knew where they would head. And so began the trend of the next four years.
So what do I remember most? Watching those towers crumble... the everyday heroes we lost that day, and the everyday people who became heroes... scrambling to hang out my American flag. It is flying today, as it does every day. I'm hoping for a windy day today- so those colors, so close to my heart, will dance on the breeze... reminding us that everyday we have is a day to be thankful for freedoms, for bravery, for life in this beautiful country.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I know...all sad memories. Still brings tears to my eyes after all these years. Take care. Suz

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Beautiful post..... hard to believe that 7 years have gone by, isn't it?

That day changed so much, for all of us.

Our eyes are opened now in a way they were never opened before.

God bless you and your family.

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