September 27, 2008

a man and a can

Some are lucky to never have experienced a bee sting... and I suppose, a sting could be somewhat like childbirth- after a while you forget what it actually feels like, and are confident that it wasn't so bad. The other day, Cam & I were finished washing the car, and he went to wind the hose up... there was a wasps nest behind the hose reel. He was very careful, and didn't get stung, but what went through my mind? It wouldn't be the end of the world... Tina was always getting stung as a kid... oh, I hope he's not allergic. Okay, not a gold star moment in motherhood, but what goes through your own mind is nothing but honest, right? I was thankful that we walked away, unstung. Yesterday, Eric & I were working on the garage- and he simply walked around the corner near the hose reel, and I heard the scream. Stung!
Oh, the pain... the rushing around for a remedy... the pain. Oh a whim, I shared my previous thoughts with him... and the look he gave me. And then a statement about the pain that I cannot repeat here! I suppose honest thoughts aren't always accurate... Once our store bought, and homemade remedies began to slightly ease the sting... and we were able to go back to work. And then, Eric came across the most powerful method of pain removal... for him, at least! After a sting, nothing says I feel better than a quick shot of wasp killer!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am sorry, but this made me should not have shared your prior thoughts with him. He will use it in a court of law one day...
I hope he is better. And did you say: "he screamed"?????
Like a girl? or like a police officer?

Dawn said...

Did I say screamed? yes, I guess I did...hmmm... probably not the right word- shouted? swore? yeah... that's more like it. He is better- however, I will say, I was bitten by 3 red ants last night (and they still hurt a lot!) and I am getting NO sympathy. Go figure :)

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