September 14, 2008

first signs of fall

The other day, when I arrived home from work, there were three ceramic pumpkins sitting on my entry way table... a gift from my thoughtful man. Pumpkins? Oh yes... it is almost fall. Sometimes I really need to stop and think- what season is it? If it's April it must be... oh, spring... right? I suppose it is just me, missing the seasons, and getting lost in the calendar. It always surprises... that I could not know. And this brings me back to the pumpkins. Is it really fall? Almost. I just don't feel it though... even though I love fall... and bringing out my decorations. Yesterday, upon entering Publix, I paused- because there it was. Fall. I couldn't put my finger on it, and then, I realized it was tickling my nose. Ahhh... the cinnamon broom. Another deep breath in, and the scent led me. Just what I needed to bring me out of summer... a cinnamon broom. Just one for today. Maybe next week I'll pick up another.
We hadn't quite made it out of Publix yet though... because where there is a season change, there is seasonal candy. My husband's equivalent to the cinnamon broom? mellocream pumpkins... Yes, we have seen the signs... fall is in the air.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

This is cute and very true for me too. I have to actually stop and think to myself...."is it going into summer....or is it going into fall"???
So hard to tell around here.
I got all my fall stuff out this past week, so when I am in the house I will KNOW what season it is.....

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