December 08, 2008

eight on eight (okay, maybe nine)

Suz made me cry today over her ornaments... really, I thought I'd only ever cry over my own! So, as an excuse to show off a few more memories, here I go! While I managed to get some great shots of my ornaments, it does show off how fake my tree is. Oh well... it looks pretty from across the room, and with an evergreen candle burning, it feels just like Christmas to me!

1. My Favorite
Truly, any ornament that one of my children has made for our tree is my "favorite." But maybe, my favorite store bought one is... Ice cream is my blood, I think.

2. The Oldest
This one should've made "favorite" status... but it is practically the oldest (since I already showed of my actual oldest in a prior post!) This was made by my Mom... she blew the egg and decoupaged my favorite little blue flowers. It used to get wrapped up in tin foil, and I remember that was how I knew how to find it.

3. The FunniestYou can't get much funnier than veggies dressed up as reindeer & Santa... unless you are singing right along with them in the car!

4. Most Memorable
That is hard... I don't want to hurt any feelings out there on the tree... but this is the one (two, since that other one snuck in the photo!) I am choosing. This panda is so special to me because of our Zoo proposal; and of course, the other one is there because I am his Beauty, and he is my Beast... we loved dancing to that song at our wedding.

5. The UgliestI made this, so it is okay that I am deeming it the ugliest. Please, this is not a current craft project, I was little... in Girl Scouts. The funny thing is, I made two, and they are both on the tree!

6. The ReddestLaura was just shy of a year old, and we stopped at Hershey Park on the way home to MA. Poor girl... she will never live it down, but we gave her a dollar, and she dropped it without us knowing. We bring it up and blame her, but what were we thinking giving her a dollar to begin with?? Regardless, we love this little sled, which also reminds us of Laura's first winter... and the little red sled we pulled her around the yard in.

7. The Greenest
Oh, the fabulous Rockettes! Need I say more?

8. The Tree Topper
We chose her as a family, at Bronner's in Michigan. Glorious!

Won't you join the fun?


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, so many great memories. I really don't think that your ugly is really ugly, but it is great that you still have these, from scouts??? And to say you are not organized.
The panda and the one that "snuck" sweet, I love it. I did not know about the zoo proposal. Was that a sign of the life to come...? They are all so great...
Very sweet....made me smile, tear, laugh.

Tina said...

I just got rid of my tin foil last year I think! xoxox

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