December 21, 2008

ready or not

Christmas is almost here... the to-do list is getting shorter... and the time is drawing near. Ready or not, Christmas is coming. I can see it in the dancing flames of the candles... I can hear it in the songs of the season.
I can feel it in my heart. Our church service today was beautiful. It was breathtaking, and heart-filling. As the first strains of the music began, I felt my heart tremble... and then felt the play of emotions across my face. And when Laura sang her solo, I was in awe of my own daughter, once again. Her voice clear, and lifted to Him... and full of love for the story... Away in a Manger. I am so thankful... for this story. Of all of the stories that we pass on to our children, and will someday pass on to our grandchildren, isn't this the greatest? And to be able to see it come alive, year after year... in the precious faces of children... and the emotions that swirl in our souls... it is a gift. A good and perfect gift.

I can only imagine what the shepherds were thinking on that night so very long ago... in a town so very far away... because every time I hear the story, share the story, see the story... I am overcome. I am overcome with love... with joy... with wonder. My heart is so ready... to receive this most precious gift God gives us, time and again. Merry Christmas...

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Busy Bee Suz said...

This is beautiful. The children are beautiful and....they look ready too. ;)

ps. we love the conversation box!!!

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