December 14, 2008

there is joy

In this third week of Advent the to-do list becomes long, and hurried. It is almost here... Christmas. I am trying to push aside the fleeting moments of panic and focus on the joy. Yes, there is much to do... much to prepare... and most of all, much to protect. My heart... that has prepared Him room... that searches for the simple everyday Christmas magic... that wants others to know the wonder of the manger. In this third week of Advent, I will not forget to seek the joy that comes at Christmas. There are still doors to open on the Advent calendars. There are still candles to light and songs to sing. There are still many items on my to-do list- but none more important than remembering the joy that comes brand new each year... in a little stable... in a little Baby.

1 comment :

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are such a great reminder of what the season is about!!!!
Not parties...Not gifts....Not trees....
Hugs my friend!!!

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