December 06, 2008

home safe & sound

It was snowing in Detroit today... how do I know? My Mom was there... and Bob... just passing through... on their way home... from Africa. I was waiting for them at the airport... standing as close to the gate as I dared... peering down the hallway, anxiously awaiting my first glimpse of my favorite travellers. And then, there was an arm... waving high above the crowd. I felt a rush in my heart, and right on down to my toes, as I leaped slightly, and waved back. More waving... sure that we have connected. And as Mom & Bob were closing the gap, my feet were bouncing ... wanting to run the rest of the distance, but knowing that to further approach security would be more than unwelcome. She looked beautiful... the quintessential traveller... her face sprinkled with sunshine... lovely silk scarf tied casually around her neck. Beautiful... and happy. And then finally, her arms were around me... Home. Safe and sound. Although my home is here, with my husband, there will always be a part of me that resides in my mother's arms... heart to heart... home.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so nice that you have such a great bond with your Mom. I am too glad they are home, safe and sound. :)

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