December 01, 2008

dinner conversation

My children have never been big conversationalists... never. What did you do at school today? Nothing. Was it fun? Yes. Did you read a story? Yes. And it goes on... like pulling teeth. I have learned, over the years, that if there is something I need to know, I need to make a phone call. Each of my children has a friend who knows it all (not the bad know-it-all way.) Since pre-school, if it sounded like there might be something going on that I maybe should find out about, I call Becky... and she asks Charlotte... and then I know. And on occasion, I have had to call Jenn, to find out from John what he & Cam were supposed to do. Of course, with the two of those boys, sometimes it is more like pieces to a puzzle, and we are hoping that maybe one has a few different pieces than the other... so maybe between the lot of us, we can come close to knowing what needs to be known. I have learned to live with it... and I have learned that eventually, they'll talk... they just have to be ready.
Last year, I received a fantastic gift... The Christmas Box of Questions. Stored in the festive round box, are little tidbits and questions that start stilted conversations, but evolve into stories and grand ideas and laughter... and love. We are trying to share one each night around the table. Last night's question led to the stories of our children's births... tonight's question shot us into the future with thoughts of how Christmas will be celebrated in 100 years. There was talk of robotic trees, and virtual trees... and hope. Hope that in 100 years, Christ will still be the center of it all.


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is great. I love the questions.....what a great idea.

Shell in your Pocket said...

OH my..I love fun!!! Where did you get this? Such a great thing for families!
-sandy toes

Dawn said...

It definitely has been fun! I received it as a gift, but I am pretty sure I saw them at Hallmark store... And they have these conversation boxes for other themes, too!

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