November 30, 2008

let the adventure begin

Advent is my very favorite season... I know it is not a season season, but it is my favorite, nonetheless. I have had years when Christmas has gotten lost... not the meaning of Christmas, but the celebrations. I ran out of time... ran out of patience... ran out of joy. And when I realized that I was rushing through the very best part of the year, I had to readjust... change my perspective. Because Christmas is not all about the day... it is about the reason for the joy of the day... and I want my children to know the true meaning of Christmas. I don't want to barrel straight through December, losing Jesus in the frenzy of preparation. I don't want to miss the joy... the moments of wonder... I might be ready for Christmas, with all of my lists checked off, but will my heart be ready?
And so we celebrate Advent...
really celebrate it.
We celebrate with candles, and stories, and traditions...
We invite Jesus to be a part of it all...
... and when He comes, we'll be ready.

One of our favorite resources for celebrating Advent:
The Adventure of Christmas
by Lisa Whelchel

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Busy Bee Suz said...

This is very are doing a great thing for your kids. Love the picture, you are so clever.

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