November 26, 2008

tonight there are tears

The phone rang just a while ago... and now there are tears. There are two children, 10 and 16 who are crying tonight, because their Mom has passed. She was not a woman I really knew... I had met her only twice... a Michigan relative of my Husband. Two summers ago she invited my children, who were across the street visiting, to play in the hayloft, run in her yard. Her kids, and my kids played for hours... She showed kindness to my kids... the way a Mom does when people visit. She walked with Cam & I around the yard a bit and we shared simple chatter. She was only 51... and she died from pneumonia. It seems a world away, and yet my heart aches here. Tonight there are tears... and children held just a little closer to hearts that love them...

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so sorry to hear can be so scary. I pray for her family.

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