November 27, 2008

give thanks

Yes, today is the day we set aside to give thanks... but what about yesterday? and tomorrow? Last night during our Thanksgiving church service, our Pastor asked us to think about something we were truly thankful for. Immediately, my mind flipped through a thousand scenes. Sometimes I think I pray in pictures. That my words don't flow quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts... and so there the pictures flew... through my family, my home, my life. I am thankful at all times. Really. I know that without God, I am nothing... have nothing... can do nothing. I read this beautiful prayer this morning and thought- Yes, that is what I mean to say when I talk to You... those are the words my heart longs to put voice to.

Later, in the car,
Eric asked me Did you hear me? Did you hear what I said I was thankful for? I thought he was groaning about the length of the sermon... I did not hear him... I thought, for a moment that he wasn't going to share... and then he said Small green slush. I smiled... my heart melted. To someone who doesn't know our story, it might sound like a silly item to place on a list of thankfulness... but...
It is part of our history.
It is the beginning of our love story.
I, too, am thankful for a small green slush.

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Tina said...

oohhhhh. xoxox

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