November 28, 2008

you never know

It is not typical for us to end up at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving... but today, we did. We weren't in the crush of shopping, we were just there... to do a couple of errands, lend our advice on a couple of gift purchases. And there we were in the Build-a-Bear Workshop. It was festive and fun... just a gift card or two, and we'd be on our way.
And then Camden saw a penguin.
And I saw his eyes when he saw the penguin.
We had a ten dollar gift card left over from another year... and I have a couple of certificates at home... but Camden will be twelve in one month. My baby. Twelve. I wanted to say Let's come back and do it when I have those certificates. But you never know... teetering on the edge of teen-dom, he might not think it's cool next month, or next week. Today, he has the light in his eyes... today his joy at the prospect of a new furry friends is alive... today he still wants to be a little boy.
And when a Momma feels it slipping away faster than she can bear...
she says yes.


Busy Bee Suz said...

So cute. I love that do the girls. :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Awwww... look at the smile on his face. And that penguin IS really cute. I like that store too!

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