November 05, 2008

a heartfelt thank you

When my eyes popped open this morning, I had to turn on the TV to be sure it was official... our referendum passed... with an unheard of 79% of the vote! I am thrilled... and I am thankful... so thankful. I don't think anyone thought that our little group of six could actually accomplish this... but then our group began to grow, and with our wonderful volunteers, a very small bank account, and certainly no experience, we proved that a group of Moms, and a Dad, could rally a community and make a difference. A big difference.

I have learned more about myself in the past few months than I ever knew. I have overcome fears... I have had to put on my "big girl shoes" and just leap into a situation where I have been uncomfortable. And you know what? I have enjoyed it. Shy little 'ole me has enjoyed talking to people, starting conversations... I need to remember this... that it is never too late to learn more about who you are... or who you can be.

I have received quite a few congratulations phone calls and e-mails this morning... and the biggest bouquet of yellow flowers I have ever seen (thanks, Mom!) but I keep thinking about everyone who helped along the way...

If you voted for this referendum, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you forwarded my e-mail on to your friends, thank you.
If you passed out a flyer, thanks.
If you posted a sign in your yard, thanks.
If you wore a button, held a sign, or wore a bright yellow tee-shirt in the parade, thank you.
If you talked about the referendum while you were in line to vote, thank you.
If you held out hope, or if you sent a good thought our way, thank you.
If you prayed for me or encouraged me along the way, thanks.
I really needed it.

You made a difference. A difference that kids all over our county
will benefit from.
Today is a beautiful day.
Thank you.


Julie said...

You look great there with all those yellow flowers, and that big YES! sign...congratulations...what a sweeping vote!

I enjoyed all the other pics as well. I love the band pics, and the beautiful outfit you made! Spectacular!

And thanks so much for the opportunity to have your son at my studio...Thanks for your commitment, and believing in music education! :D

Busy Bee Suz said...

Just beautiful Dawn.
I am so happy for all of you...and My kids TOO!!!!
The flowers are fab. Your Mother never stops surprising...she is just wonderful.

emily said...

Congrats on the vote. I love to hear when grown women are still learning new things about themselves. I know I am.

Just read your post further down when you were at the football game. Totally teared up. I maybe even let one fall, too. Thanks for sharing.

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