November 14, 2008

until next year

The last football game of the season...
or, more importantly, the last marching band performance of the season.
After tonight, the stadium will be quiet on Friday Night.
Standing and watching as the band proudly marched into the stadium, I could feel tears start behind my eyes... this is it. Farewell marching season. There is much I will miss...
I will miss arriving early to reserve our seats, then sharing them with family and friends. I will miss the camaraderie of the people sitting nearby. I will miss the walking tacos, and the freedom I can give Cam as he treks back and forth from the concession stand to make a purchase, or simply say Hi to his Dad.
But most of all, I will miss the band.

I will miss their laughter and their songs in the stands as they cheer on their team. I will miss the heart stopping echo of Pride! as 212 students shout in unison and come to attention. I will miss Hip! Hip! Let it rip! and the high stepping that ensues. I will miss watching my daughter march & dance her heart out. I will miss these Friday Nights... but I will hold these memories close until the season comes around again.
You'll know where to find me...
and I'll save you a seat.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Very nice. I am so glad she had a great first year in the band.
You can make those walking Tacos at home you know...hey, maybe I will make them for the Christmas party this year!!!
Talk to you soon...

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