November 15, 2008

there is a friend...

I love to read... but, not anything too heavy... just a good, fun story. I typically can read about half a page before bed, but if I make time to read during the day, I find the day lost as I wander through the pages of someone elses heart. A light hearted novel will make me smile... a quirky, fun mystery will make me laugh out loud... and a good family story will inevitably send tears rolling down my cheeks. I just finished a beautiful novel... stunningly beautiful. A love story... a story of friendship. This novel grabbed my heart during the first few pages, and never let go. I cried... not just a few straggling tears, but tears that got caught in my throat and came out in sobs. When I had turned the last page, I clutched the book to my chest... and took a moment to find my breath. This was a beautiful novel... of friendship, finding yourself, and finding that a heart of stone can be turned to a heart of flesh. If you are poking around the library, looking for a good read... wander over to the fiction section under H. After Anne by Roxanne Henke.
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