November 25, 2008

the time had come...

Eric had the day off, so I figured it was a good a day as any... to try to renew my driver's license. If you read this, you know... that I might have to take the driving test and the written test. That is why I don't want to go... and I certainly am not going alone! If I took the test and failed I'd have to walk home! Before we headed out, Eric checked online, and just to make me smile, he tried to see if we could just sneak by and renew it online...
no dice.
Off we go to the DMV
We went to this new one, pretty close to our house... and when we walked in it was empty. Yes, empty. Not a soul besides me trying to get a driver's license... and three desks open, plus a trainee. Great- I figured they would have to put the new girl through the paces and make sure she learned all the steps... alllll the steps, including administering the written exam! But, as she started talking my paperwork (I brought my license, social security card and my birth certificate, so they would understand how responsible I am!)I held my breath... because she wasn't even hinting at any kind of test! And then- the eye exam. I was nervous- not of the eye exam itself(my eyes are great!) but just of the process. In fact, I was so nervous I couldn't see line 5 as requested. After a couple tries at looking into the machine, the woman was kind enough to tell me, again, that You have to press your forehead on the machine- That's what turns it on. Ohhh... sorry! When she took my new picture, I figured I was home free, but I sure wasn't going to say a word until I had that golden ticket in my hand and could run out the door! At last... she presented me with my brandy-new beautiful driver's license. Yippee! I got it! And no test, much to Eric's disappointment. Before we left, I had to ask... I just had to find out. And so, I walked back over to the very kind lady who helped the new girl through all of the processing, and asked her Why did you send me that mean postcard that said I might have to take the written and road test? She pulled that post card out of the trash and re-read it- Oh, if you had a couple tickets I would've had you take the road signs again. And so that was that. I'm good for the next eight years, with a decent picture and all!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

So glad you did not have to take the dreaded test.....silly girl. Congrats.

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