November 19, 2008

to kick off the season

It comes quickly, this season of holidays. I barely have time to turn around, and here they are... these wonderful crazy holidays. I love the traditions of these sweet days... the sentimental and the crazy... the variety of perfectly lovely celebrations that happen all around us. Last night we celebrated the first tradition of the holiday season- the Holiday Feast at Publix.
Have you never been?
Our little family has been going for years... we never miss it. Every couple of years or so, Eric manages to hit more than one store during the evening. While Eric was deployed several years ago, I introduced Suz to this festive event, and we now have our silly tradition.
And so what is this Holiday Feast all about? I suppose you could say that it is one big commercial for the Publix Thanksgiving Dinner, but really, it is so much more than that... it's Free Food Night. It is Oh, We Don't Have to Cook Dinner Night. It is... the Best Night to go to the Grocery Store... unless you were seriously thinking about shopping.
The employees dress up in their fanciest clothes... gowns for the women, suits for the men... there is music... entertainment... Santa & Mrs. Claus... there are elves... and most of all, there is free food. A buffet line serving up turkey, ham, stuffing and sweet potatoes. Bakery tray laden with sweets. Little ice cream cones filled with peppermint ice cream. Turtle pumpkin pie... egg nog... and the two most popular items? Shrimp cocktail, and wine. Yes, at Publix. This is the best grocery store- ever.
We strolled about the store... filled our plates...
and had three tiny glasses of wine.
Cheers! to the Season.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I just realized I never got any of the Turtle dessert. Geeezzzeeee....Now I have to wait till next year. I guess I forgot because I was so totally drunk from the 3 thimbles of wine.
I had fun seeing you guys.
Love, Suz

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