December 24, 2008

i believe

I was first introduced to the Polar Express in my little hometown book shop... I was eighteen. Even then I knew it was quite a special story... a story about a little boy, a train, and the magic of Christmas... a story about believing. It is a story I knew I would share with my someday children. It is a story that I cannot read aloud without the tears choking my throat... because I believe in Santa. I believe in his joyful, loving spirit, I believe in his giving magic. I believe. Yes, even all of these years later I can still hear that sleigh bell ring. I hope that my children will always hear its sweet sound... that they will always believe in the spirit of Santa... the spirit that gives. Love, joy, and yes, gifts. How I do love that Santa chooses to give on the holiest night of the year! The night that we celebrate God's most perfect gift... baby Jesus... that He gave for all. I suppose I know that Santa's gifts only go to those on the Nice list... that he is watching and knows if we've been bad, or good. And my hope would be that my children will never make that Naughty list! But if they do... I know that does not dismiss them from God's list. Because God's gifts go to all who believe... His perfect gift of the manger is for all who simply believe. Yes, I believe.

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