January 14, 2009

one at a time

Each morning I work, I climb these stairs... all the way to the top of the building. Five flights. It's not the hardest climb... but every day I wish our office was on the fourth floor. Why do I climb? The elevator is really slow... and honestly, I need the exercise. So up I go... at least twice a day, sometimes more. I actually enjoy the up part more than I do the down. It gets my heart racing and makes me feel like I've accomplished something, even though it often leaves me breathless. But really, I wish our office was on the fourth floor. Sometimes I count the steps... not the actual steps, but the steps I take, including the landings. And sometimes I just run. But today... someone else put an idea in my head... so thanks to Amy, the Rocky theme will running through my brain... every time I climb. I seriously doubt I'll be raising my arms up above my head in victory, what with my purse, lunch box & coffee cup, but in my mind, I'll be celebrating. Celebrating making it to the top? No... celebrating the perseverance. Because there are so many days when it would just be easier to push that elevator button... or hide under the covers. But we keep going. Even through the tough times- or maybe, especially through the tough times. This new year has started off slow for me... fogged under a sinus infection and the prescriptions that followed... and I have not been me at my best, or honestly, even close. But I keep going... knowing that I will be back up on top soon enough. And you know, the view from the top is always spectacular. That moment when you can see how it all fits together... when nothing is hidden from your line of sight. Almost monumental. Fitting, today, that I have come to this conclusion... as I am about to hit that little publish post button for the 200th time. That in itself is nothing I ever dreamed of... nothing I ever hoped for. But, there is someone who knows me far better than I know myself... and He continues on this journey with me... one step at a time... all the way to the top.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I can so picture you....going up...with the Rocky theme in your head. So cute. Sorry you have not been feeling well......take care my friend.
Oh, congrats on #200

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

This is a GREAT post! Because think of all the victories in life.... rarely are they "lightning bolt events".... most of the victories in life are due to persistence... the daily small choices, each and every day, one step at a time. I think we, as Americans, want "quick & easy" solutions to everything but frequently they are NOT. Frequently there's NOT a microwave fix... there's only a crock-pot fix. I'm dealing with this now, with certain things in my life. I find that God is dealing with my impatient nature and my 'desire to quit' and speaking to me and saying settle down. Take a breath. Keep going.

One step at a time. All the way to the top.


Wendi said...

Hooray for you....happy 200th post!! I hope that I can persevere like you when it comes to writing! Did you know that you can get your blog published into book form periodically? Kinda cool gift to give yourself and then pass down to your kids, don't ya think? Your blog DEFINITELY gives a picture of who you are as a person...very inspirational!! ")

Imperfect said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Dawn! You are right. Ordinary days can be the hardest. And congratulations on post 200. Exciting!

Life with Kaishon said...

I loved this! Loved it so much! I love your attitiude and your outlook! I always come away from your site ispired and blessed!

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