January 09, 2009

precious moment

The purpose of life is life.
Karl Langerfeld

Last night I stepped out my little comfort zone... and was so pleased with the outcome. A new young couple in our church just added to their family, and I actually called the hospital (yes, really) and was able to stop by and hold their precious baby. Precious. New. Beautiful... the privilege of holding a miracle in my very own hands. Oh, the way he stretched and snuggled... how he fit just right so close to my heart, and stole it away when his tiny hand curled around my finger. Laura admired from a distance, but Camden put his hand out and let the little one grab hold... and then his heart was stolen away, as quickly as mine had been. I could tell, the way he would continue to lean in, and occasionally touch the baby's little face with one outstretched index finger. Life... a beautiful gift. A mystery worth solving... a risk worth taking. I am learning, still... everyday... that when I stretch out the borders of my own life, the blessings are abundant.


Busy Bee Suz said...

He is divine. perfect.
makes me want one.

Life with Kaishon said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, this is so beautiful and inspirational! Thanks for the blessing today!

Imperfect said...

Just beautiful.

Wendi said...

babies....the BEST...truly a little piece of heaven God shares with you!
love how you are stretching yourself(i'm bad about the phone call thing, so i understand how BIG that is!!)
i'm trying to stretch myself, too, by actually leaving comments on blogs i used to just stalk ")....i think i'll start with yours and work up my courage. the others will just have to wait!

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