May 16, 2010

lessons in beauty

Last night, there were awards and a dance...

... and it hit me all over again how grown up she is becoming.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was just a month or so before seventh grade began... when I asked my daughter if she wanted to wear make-up. That's how old I was... when my Mom offered make-up to me. I was thrilled... and have been in love ever since. Laura? She half-heartedly said okay. We bought some and tried it... but you know, it just wasn't her thing. And eventually, I was okay with that. It wasn't that I thought she needed to wear it, I just expected that she'd want to.

But last night... she let me. For this dress-up night.
Her face is petite... her eyes are tiny... and her lashes are long. The kind that boys are usually blessed with. I would swipe on a generous swish of color... and immediately wipe it off. I gently lined her eye lids... then smudged the heck out of that careful line to fade it into oblivion. And what I finally learned was... I could make her no more beautiful that she already was. God fashioned those pretty eyes just so... and so I left them with barely a whisper of shadow and a brief flicker of mascara. When our make-up session was done... and her skin was just evened out with a few brushes of mineral powder... we decided that she still looked like Laura.
Definitely pretty... a beauty inside and out.
Laura... only dressier.



Anonymous said...

The thing that makes your Laura so beautiful is that she is so secure in her mother's love. It shines out from her face like it shines out in your words. I hope I can instill that kind of confidence and security in my children.

(and p.s., tell Laura I love her dress!)

Loui♥ said...

life happens..
our kids grow..
and we are left with these incredible,wonderful beings..
who continue to delight us in so many profound ways..
I am so glad God made the decision..
to give me mine..
just as he wanted..
in his image..
they say ther's no messing with Mother Nature..
but I know where my thanks go!
she is beautiful..
just a more grown up version..
cherish these precious moments with your daughter..
they only happen once..
warmest hugs..

Richella Parham said...

She looks so pretty. . . and I love that she looks quietly confident, too. As if she knows that she doesn't need a lot of make-up. What a great quality--one that needs to be nurtured, over the years, by loving parents.

You know what I say to you, Mom? Well done.

To Laura I say, Have fun. You're a lovely woman.

Corinne Cunningham said...

She is gorgeous, like you said - inside and out :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that she is confident without putting on the 'face'...she is a beauty, inside and out!!!

Heathahlee said...

What a beautiful girl! For her to not jump at the chance to cover her beautiful face shows what a great job you have done as a mother. I don't know her, but I'm sure she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. : )

Cassie said...

Laura is a doll! She's truly a lovely young lady.(good genes!)
I was never big on makeup either. I remember in college my friends making me up for a date and I felt like I was wearing a mask all night!! Now if I stick some mascara on I feel like I've outdone myself. ha! Blessings dear lady, C.

Beth Zimmerman said...

What a beautiful young lady! :)

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

When we're beautiful inside, it shows on the outside. She is a lovely young lady and I know you're proud of her.

Kelli said...

She is truly beautiful and I know that having you as a mother has shown her that true beauty does come from the inside out!!!

jenn said...

what a shining beauty! her heart shines through those beautiful eyes!

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