November 10, 2010

land of the free

A thank you note in yesterday's mail brings it all back...

Stacking crisp uniforms into his duty bag, and slipping special photos in between the layers to keep them safe on the road. And while he donned camouflage, we chose reds, whites and blues. We cut strips of paper and recorded the days happenings before adding it to the chain... and we waited for the day he'd be headed home to see it. Next week, two months... six months. Everyday was a new message and we learned not to get our hopes up. But as much as he missed being home, he was glad to be there... doing something, honored to serve. We missed him terribly, figuring out how to manage without him, but our crew of three held up the homefront, so proud of our soldier.
The years have gone by... five since he's been home for good... and thankfulness abounds. But our hearts still ache for those serving now. For friends whose hearts are separated by the great wide ocean.
We know... that freedom isn't free. That brave Americans make sacrifices for the freedom we enjoy.  And we have to believe that this land of the free is more beautiful because of those men and women who protect it.

This week... I remember the soldiers in my life, and send up a prayer for every soldier, and for our great country.
And I am thankful for this special friend who thanked my soldier, my hero.



Busy Bee Suz said...

And he does deserve do all our soldiers.
I remember those days, the waiting, the worry.
This is beautiful written, as always.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, you got me all teary eyed. :) I should just expect that when I come to this space, I suppose.

Sidnie said...

That wait is so hard.
I thank your soldier. And you!
And what a sweet, sweet friend to write such a precious letter.

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