January 31, 2012

another day in the park

It has become a tradition.  Empty Bowls and soup in the park
This year was different... and maybe, sometimes, even a great tradition can use a tweek.
This year we juggled two events, but we had four to share the fun.  Two to sit in the park... and two creating art in the street.

I'm not totally sure how it all came about, but Cam and a friend signed up to paint Chalk Art in the street... and then decided they needed a real artist to work with them.  She was baffled and flattered, and the truth is she is a real artist... and my heart just smiled that he sees her that way, too.  So we left them... creating.

Two hours early, we set our chairs in line.  We weren't even first.  He had the newspaper and a book, and I had tossed some yarn in the bag... so there we sat, chatting and reading and crocheting.  The thought passed that we should do this more often... sit and enjoy the park.  The line behind us stretched on around the bend, out of our sight... and I can't help but be thrilled that this fundraiser is already a success, and that we came early!

The chalk artists scooted over into line with us before the clock struck eleven... and the the hunt began.  The perfect bowl.  How do we choose one out of 1,500?  The colors, the shapes... each holds its own beauty.  And soon, each will hold hot steaming soup.

The day stretched on in togetherness.  Artwork came together, and was admired.  It was a beautiful day.



Southern Gal said...

That sounds like such a great event! I love the bowls and the chalk paint artwork. Artists indeed.

Pam said...

What a fun day! I am sooo jealous of your short wearing selves. : )

jenn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Oh to sit and just read a book....heavenly!!

Claire said...

what fun it all looks!! wonderful bowls and wonderful art :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

"Shared by four"....love this!
Oh, she IS an artist...yes she is!

Unknown said...

That is some GORGEOUS art. WOW! : )

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