January 12, 2012

where you go i will follow

He suggests a walk and my eyes light up.  Really, all I need is a little encouragement. 
We find shoes and sunglasses and head to the safari road.  The air is warm and the breeze is cool... just the way I like it.  We walk at as much of a clip as he can handle right now.  Once in a while, we stop to really look... to soak in the surroundings.  To seek wildlife, to listen for it.  Today there is no low croak of an alligator though... just the buzzing of a million creatures. 

Today... I am brave.  Or... he makes me brave.  We step off the boardwalk and traipse a little further in.  The canopy of trees frame a far off egret, and let in sparkling light.  I want to walk on and on, the fear of around the bend banished with my hand in his.  He tires though, and we turn around. 

Our strides have become a slow saunter... and we have time to talk.  And no excuses.  In the hustle of bustle of living, time seems scant and excuses plenty, but out here it is just us.  We laugh over our silly children and marvel at them, too.  I tuck away a reminder to tell them how great they are when we return.  Heart shaped leaves makes us smile and feel that so-in-love-feeling that we sometimes forget to celebrate. 

I love this walk... and this place has become our place, although who can really own the Florida wild? 


Southern Gal said...

What a beautiful description of a beautiful love. Love the shadows.

How did the photo shoot go?

jenn said...

I love how you describe the moments you treasure! :)

Pam said...

Love love love this..and you. You have such a way of expressing the sweetest moments. : ) I'm glad your hubs is feeling up for a walk these days. What a sweet moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, this is just sweet. <3

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so happy you are brave like this...so much fun for you both!
And you asked who can own the Florida wild??? You know better!!! We can!
I love the photo of you both....holding hands...so darn sweet!

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