January 06, 2012

oh boy!

His first word was car. Not mama, or dada... car. And it was unmistakeable.  I think it was my first big clue {beyond the obvious} to the differences between little boys and little girls. I have found many more along this fifteen year path... and each is like unraveling a mystery.  But a connection to cars?  I should have definitely expected that.  The way he instinctively knew to vroooom them up and down and around; his choice to curl up with wheels and metal, instead of a cozy yellow bear.  And I would watch, with wonder, the way he lined them up... just so.   {I thought he might end up neat, but I was wrong!}

Yesterday was the day... he earned his learner's permit.  He may not have smiled for the picture, but after weeks of studying and practice tests, he was smiling all around it.  So the driving begins.  Eric says he is a natural... and I am thinking that that just may be one more of those quirky differences. 



Anonymous said...

Oh, this day is coming far too soon for my boys . . . better not to think about it. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

That photo of him hugging his car? Priceless....as is the photo of him with his permit!!! Congrats to Cam and best of luck with the driving lessons. A natural? Oh, you are so lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I have to say that isn't a milestone I'm looking forward to.

jenn said...

what a sweet boy--in both pics! Congrats Cam!!

Oh, thats a road we will be travelling in the fall! I will need all the advice you can give me!

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