January 17, 2012

what would you do for a klondike bear?

We returned to Seaworld this weekend... because our passes were still valid, because we could combine it with a college visit, because... it is her birthday. The fun has been endless, and a true gift of time together. My heart has twisted & turned... and without naming it before, I know now that their hearts desires have certainly become my own.

Saturday, we saw the polar bear move. It was Johnnie, and I cried. I also jumped up and down and took pictures & video. He stood on his favorite rock and his mouth was open, and my heart believes he was singing a little birthday tune for his biggest fan. After logging hundreds of minutes at the icy window, her wish came true. And mine.

Yesterday we returned to the Arctic... and Klondike had just settled in for his day long nap. We enjoyed seeing him stretch and wriggle until he was finally comfortable, and then we decided to go on with our day. But after lunch, she decided to go back. And there she sat. For hours. I would pop in and check on her, we'd sing What would you do for a Klondike bear? and I would listen to her whispering to him... please, won't you come on over here? For my birthday? I told her to stay... that this is how I thought she would would spend her day, and it was okay. So she stayed, on the verge of turning into a girl-sicle.  And finally, just before five, Klondike was on the move.  I was off riding with Cam, but Eric was there with her... telling her it was okay to stay even though it was so close to our meeting time.  And the smile in her heart melted mine in the telling. 
Happy birthday, sweet girl. 
For eighteen years we have made dreams come true together, and I am so excited to watch as you take those dreams, make them bigger and brighter,  and make them your very own.  I love you.



Southern Gal said...

What a treasure. A precious birthday gift for the birthday girl. Tell her happy birthday for me.

jenn said...

Aww, I'm crying! I bet there is part of you that wishes you could buy Johnnie and have him waiting on her when she came home from school...HA!

Happy 18th Birthday dear Laura!! You are a wonderful young woman!

Richella Parham said...

18! What a dream come true Laura is for you. May she blessed with a life as full and as sweet as her Mother's. She's got the mom for it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a wonderful birthday gift...for her and for you. I really can't believe she is 18...it was just yesterday that....blah blah blah....
That is a great photo of Laura; shows what a fun and happy girl she is! LOVE IT!

Um, did you go visit the beluga's? Did they remember you? Did they ask about ME?


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