January 02, 2012

when the truth is enough

The new year comes and we celebrate.  With smiles and cheering laughter, with a toast and a kiss.  We hardly believe twelve is here... and we raise our glass to hope and love and living. The days to come are filled with the promise of the unknown, but for one pure shining moment, the glittering lights cast no shadow. 

Somehow though, before the sun even rises, declarations surround us.  That this will be the year I... or from now on I will...  I resist.  Me, who celebrates everything and gathers tradition tight to my heart... I resolve nothing.  I think I am afraid.  Or just, in one small instance, practical.  In all of my failing ways, I know that next time December comes around, I do not want to recall the ugliness of a broken resolution, or how I gave up, failed.  Again. 

Yes, there are ways I want to change... things that I want to banish... more I want to accomplish.  But to declare it... makes me want to run and hide.  So I keep my dreams close to my heart, I speak them in prayer to the One who loves me anyway.  And when I fall short, when I feel broken and not enough, I can know one thing.  I am a child of God... and succeed or fail, He loves me.  No goal or dream or word is more powerful than that. 

So when the world has travelled her path once more, and at the end of everyday from now til then... I will know I lived in the truth. A truth that comes to me rightly, and lovingly.  In all of the hope and love and living, I am a child of God, and that has to be enough... because it is everything. 



Anonymous said...

amen. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love this....perfect, beautiful!!
Love the new look too. Happy 2012 friend, may this year bring us more laughter than the last.

Southern Gal said...

Your words here...
I know that fear. I don't like saying those resolutions out loud because I fail often and hard. I've never chosen a word for the year, but I did this year. You know what it is? Love. And I think that's all encompassing, don't you? His command. I have to love more freely.

I hope your new year is beyond anything you could hope or imagine.

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