June 21, 2012

seeking still

She talked me through, and spoke me to still. From the top of my head, right down to my toes... relaxing every bit of my soul, along with shoulder and hands. It may have lasted two minutes... perhaps three. But when I opened my eyes, I felt centered and fully relaxed, warm from the sunshine her words spilled over me. Still. I admit that I don't do that enough. Or at all.

This ring spins on my hand and the verse is my go-to... Be still and know that I AM God. Psalm 46:10.
My heart believes I live it... and maybe I do, in certain instances. But am I ever really still?

I watch TV and my hands are itching to pick up a crochet needle or scroll through the computer. I drive... and I sing and plan and dream. And when I dig in to the bible and pray? I am talking and talking... even as I know to stop. And listen. His voice is so much more than mine.

And in this sickness, that has gone on far too long, I am stirring. I need rest, but my mind won't. It picks apart the why and the how and the why not and the what abouts... I cannot even leave the healing to the doctor, because my gut is talking. Or is it just me? Not being still? 

The more I stir, the more I know... that still is the sunshine to my soul.

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Ashley Pichea [PicheaPlace.com] said...

I, too, struggle to be still. Praying for your healing!

Jacque Watkins said...

Oh I'm with you...the struggle to be still. And isn't it a choice to pause and quiet our spirits for Him to speak and woo and comfort. I'm purposing with you to more often be still, and know that He is God!

Jamie said...

oh yes - "still is the sunshine to my soul". Love that. I'm there to - needing to be still, learning to be still.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Being still is not easy. Especially for you...and I mean that in a good way.

enthusiastically, dawn said...

I love the way you have woven these words so descriptively and beautifully despite pondering sickness. His grace and truth is still shining in you. New to you through Write It Girl. Squeezing in some visits! Keep digging into the word, praying and leaning on Him....I know about that wondering @ the whys in injury, believe me. He will bring you through glorious in the end.

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