June 25, 2008


Our big vacation day... one big hurrah and then off to start our lazy beach trip. Of course, Aquatica is not Disney... so, from the road, when I saw the ugly scaffolding holding up the water slides, I immediately wondered- it is actually possible that beyond the road and the tree line will lie a lush tropical oasis? Skepticism really isn't my thing, but when it comes to vacation and something special, I have high expectations... will they be met? Upon entering the park we were swept away with beauty. The landscape was lush and green... dotted with pink and red hibiscus... the slides were bright golds, pinks, and aquas... everywhere you looked was just a little more... fun. And the entire day was a treat. But what made it really special? Rolling along the rapids with the ones I love... seeing the joy shining through colored goggles... hearing the laughter bubble up from just beneath the surface of the water... the last glimpse of toes as my little fishes dove under the waves... screaming with joy and laughter and exhilaration as we sped through a dark tunnel, and hanging on so tightly to my children, lest they be thrown from the raft! These are the moments that made the day shine. And so when I was dry, and my darling daughter, soaked to the bone, approached me and asked me if I wanted a hug, I smiled at her quiet smirking face and said... yes.

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Suzanne said...

cool. I was wondering how this new park was.
Can't wait till I can see pictures too.

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