June 06, 2008

quiet house

Good morning Friday... It's been a good week, this first week of summer. There's been band camp, video games, tv, friends, reading, crafting... Yes, it's been nice. I have not accomplished much, but the mess will still be there when I am ready. Right now, I am enjoying this quiet house... while the rest of my family is still tucked into their sweet dreams, and the sun is just starting to peek up through the trees. I love this quiet time... just me, free to sit and do nothing but enjoy the start of this new day... with my coffee just within reach... and the possibilities of the day stretched out before me. I think it must be in the genes- to wake up early, whether there is someplace to be or not. I remember creeping softly down the stairs, in the early morning, when I was 12 or so... and seeing my Gramma playing solitaire on her bed. I knew she had already been up for hours. I think it is just us... the women in my family. On any given morning, I could probably call these women, before 6 am, and would not wake them. Gramma would still be playing cards... my Mom would be playing cards on her computer... my sister would be rushing out of the house to get to work, which is okay, since she probably didn't need her alarm to wake up. They could call me, too. I'd probably be up. If I was sleeping in, like this morning, they'd have to wait until 6:30. My friends know that I am a morning person... it's just part of who I am. And even though I have, on occasion, fallen asleep while baking cookies with them, playing cards, watching a movie or simply listening to a conversation, they still love me. They just shake their head and laugh. I wouldn't trade this time, though. Soon my quiet house will be awake and the scurrying of the day will begin. But if I'm lucky, one of those sweet children will find their way to the couch, sleep still in their eyes, and we'll have a chance to snuggle before the rest of the world wakes up...


Suzanne said...

sweet. I am envious. I have NEVER been a morning person. never.
I am a night owl....hoo hoo.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I'm with you, Dawn.
I LOVE early mornings. If I get up much past 7, I feel I've lost a good bit of the day..... (in fact, you'll have to check out the photos I put on my blog that I took at sunrise on the beach.... gotta get up EARLY to catch those!) :-)

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