June 07, 2008

shall i draw you a bath?

This new kitten of ours is fitting right in... driving us crazy... filling our hearts with happiness. Our "little Scout" has become a part of our family and we are all in love with her! When we come home, she meets us at the door. When she is ready for breakfast, she wakes me with an Eskimo kiss (she's a morning "person" too!)Tonight I was summoned to the bathroom by my daughter... and there was Scout, in the sink, happy as could be. Perhaps she enjoys the mint flavored toothpaste that is plastered to the bottom of the sink? Yesterday we came home to yards and yards of yarn, swirled around the living room floor in a delightful shade of green... I was just thankful she didn't get the other 5 skeins of yarn I picked up on sale the other day! The first week we had her, I thought she wasn't the typical over-active kitten... now, a month later, I'll tell you that I was wrong. It's a good thing she is so cute!


Suzanne said...

awww she is just getting comfortable...she will be a curious kitten for a while...good luck. She is DELISH>

carie said...

scout and i will have words if she messes with your yarn...is that the "i'm ready to teach you how to knit, carie?" yarn?

Serepta said...

Good post.

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