June 27, 2008

just to see you smile

Sometimes it is just the little things in life that mean the most... moments in time that make your heart smile...

our own private spot at aquatica
laughing in the cool, raging rapids
peace, love & pelicans
203 steps to the top
perfecting the art of the boogie board
chasing six shoes floating away in the tide
flecks of copper in the sand
dribbling sand down the sides of a castle
riding a wave all the way to the shore
a computer in the lobby
making a friend in the surf
skipping the waves and swimming in the pool
a shady spot, thanks to Rodney
just enjoying the Atlantic
eating froot loops by color
not having to search for a smile
all the #88 gear you could dream of
knowing there's still time before either child can learn to drive
finally playing miniature golf
free chocolate samples
a rainbow
watching dolphins play in the crashing waves
reading more books than you brought
home sweet home.

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