June 26, 2008


Our hotel room is on the fourth floor... and the elevator is slow... so I have decided to take the steps. It's not a bad trek- and most of the time, my family will join me. Steps do not bother me... as long as I'm not vacuuming them (how I hated, yes hated, that job when I was a kid!) Ever since our honeymoon cruise, I have looked at steps differently... as my friends, actually! What is the one piece of advice people give you when you are going on a cruise? Skip the elevator, take the steps, and then you can pretty much eat all you want... and probably break even! Yesterday we climbed to the top of a lighthouse. 203 steps to the top! The only other lighthouse I've ever climbed is the Statue of Liberty... and we took those steps slowly- about 1 every ten minutes! There was no line at the Ponce Inlet, but I still figured that the steps would be a cinch. I was wrong. The climb was tough, and shorter legs raced ahead of me, and waited for me while I was catching my breath. Once we arrived at the top, the reward was great... a brisk breeze and a breathtaking view (okay, to be honest, there wasn't much breath left to take!) The lesson, of course, is pretty easy- sometimes the hard work we do along the way makes the reward so much sweeter. My question is this... Now that I've climbed more than my fair share of steps, how many hot, sweet Krispy Kremes can I eat to just "break even?"

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Suzanne said...

Where the heck are you?
I think you can have 3 krispy kremes. yes, only 3.

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