January 31, 2011

the weekend of us

There are days when I feel like we are as far apart as the east and the west... words thought but not spoken, my insides tied all up in knot.  All for the love of the girl I have such dreams for... dreams of laughter and life as big as she can make it... wanting so much for her to reach out and grab it.  And then a handful of days crop up that are just for us... she and me and sunshine and life.  Those days, and every minute they contain, are lovely strands of spun gold... and I grasp them with all that I am, all that we are, knowing in the moment that they are as precious as the air I breathe. 

This was the weekend of us.
Conversation, laughter, fabric, cheesecake,
fuzzy blankets and bare feet, mod podge and soup.
The best of me, and the best of her... strands spun together instead of apart.


Gabe said...

Dawn, your posts about motherhood. . .amazing and so very accurate, I had a car ride with my oldest and it was like that stands of spun gold and small treasure that I will always savor!

Richella Parham said...

Strands spun together instead of apart. Now that's a word picture that I want to sit and stare at!

I love you, sweet lady! I'm glad your weekend was spend in just the place you needed to be. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, this fills my heart with so much joy!!!!!
Beautiful photos of two beautiful women.

jenn said...

sounds wonderful and perfect and special and divine--just like the two of you!!

Jen said...

Beautiful moments-
so wonderful that you are teaching your daughter
the true value of something golden.

laughwithusblog said...

This sounds wonderful! I got to get out with just my six year old for a few hours on Saturday. I love those special times!

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